At Zokahana we are highly involved in our community and provide our clients with an exclusive level of service.

It is a daily process to anticipate our clients’ needs, wants and desires. With great interest, we visualize with each individual as a prime step of each creation. In doing so, we set a standard that is the foundation for a great relationship between the designer and our future client.

We also focus on the casual, walk-in customer who may come in to our shop having not a clue what they would like, however, one who walks out of our shop with exactly what they want.


In this market, we feel that flowers are first, a need (weddings, funerals) and second, a want or desire. At Zokahana, we are changing this perception by implementing an image of flowers as gifts.

Our style mimics nature by using natural goods, such as flowers, foliage, herbs, ornamental grasses, woody ornamental (dogwood, birch, cherry tree, willow, apple blossom, quince, forsythia, etc.) and other botanical materials. Local is our goal. We use as much local product as possible, as is available per season. To go outside of the Kansas City area will be due only to a need or demand that cannot be met here.

We offer an expansive line of floral services. No order at Zokahana is too order is too small.